Nate and Taylor 6.16.18

June 27, 2018


A year + of wedding planning for Taylor and Nate culminated into today, their wedding day! I, the photographer, came into the picture January of 2017 at a wedding fair in Rochester, Minnesota. Venders at these fairs meet hundreds if not thousands of people in a very short period of time. I vividly remember my conversation with Taylor, her mom, and Nate's mother. They told me about Nate propossing to Taylor on top of a beautiful ski run at Purgatory Ski Resort in the San Juan Mountains just outside of Durango, Colorado. They showed me pictures of the engagement which included, snowy mountains, snowboards and LOVE! I knew I wanted to be the photographer for their wedding. Fast Forward a year and a half later, now the day before their wedding. I headed out to JR's Barn, where their ceremony and reception would be held, to scope out potential shots. The beauty and simplicity of the setting was perfect. Now, fast forward 24 hours, their wedding day! Oh man, lights are strung, centerpieces on tables, ceremony is staged, the wedding party is ready and the main features of the day (Taylor and Nate) are on point. 


This is a BIG DEAL people! You see, they were just high schoolers when this love thing started. This day has past memories of proms, high school drama, sporting events, high school graduation, college, friends from young ages, college graduation and a move to Washington State all rolled into it. For a young couple, that's a lot of change to go through. All this and more was seen throughout their wedding day. From their vows, to pictures hanging in the venue, college and high school friends in attendance and part of their wedding parties. I'm just super happy to be a very small part of this love story as it continues on it's path. 









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