A Special Engagement


An engagement shoot with Kelley Hagerty and Chris Nelsen I will always remember! A lot of memories flooded the brain after I had left this engagement shoot with this super funny couple. I go wayyyy back with Kelley and her great family, but over the years drifted away and haven't had much, if any contact with the Hagertys. Some of my fondest childhood memories are spending time at the Hagerty household and running around like crazy teenagers with her brother, Chris. This was back when AOL chatrooms and I'aming was our way of communicating with girls, when we downloaded songs from Napster, such as the iconic DJ Sammy song - Heaven and drove around for hours listening to it, Boxed our faces in at parties, let Chris write papers for me so I could pass english class and He's a big reason for me starting to date my now wife. The lists goes on and on and on. For me, weddings and engagements are about family, togetherness and They are a top notch, loving and caring family that raised some fantastic kids. 


Now for Kelley and Chris....... When I arrived I told them this is all about being relaxed and having fun with each other. The wedding is crazy and stressful, Your face hurts from smiling and your feet throb from standing all day. This is our time for me to get to know you guys better and your time to get to know me better. Well I'm not sure if it was the marshmallows chris burnt over the fire or the crazy magical looking snow that fell during the evening hours, but Chris got comfertable with me being around thats for sure. I learned that Chris has a funny, goofy and compassionate personality. Has a love for the outdoors that his dad taught him at a young age and shows care and love towards Kelley. Kelley has this killer smile and laugh that encourages her fiancé to be his fun and goofy self. I loved watching Kelley lean on and trust Chris when they walked out onto the sheet of ice over the pond in their back yard or during the end of the evening when we sat in their living room listening to Chris tell stories about his time in the Marines. You can tell that she is very proud of the person she is going to marry on October 21, 2017.


Writing this blog brings joy and excitement to me for Kelley, Chris and their families and I only got to see them together for a few hours. 

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